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HI! My name is Jillian. I'm 20. I have a baby girl named, Olivia. She is my pride and joy. I have the best friends in the world. I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world who I frequently talk about on here, Caleb. I love him so much <3 I'm always open to talk so shoot me a message and ask for my number :)

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Matchsticks, Andy Yoder

" I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to watch it burn. "

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Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.

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But those with shattered souls find it very difficult to speak.


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I have challenged myself to get through a 30 minute workout and 30 minutes of yoga. So far I can almost completely get through the workout and about 15 minutes of the yoga. I already feel better about myself. I can already tell a difference. Now if I could just get in a healthier eating habit, I’d have the complete package. Also, I have a goal to be able to do a handstand by the end of this year. If I keep up my pace and really challenge myself, I will be able to keep that goal. Which I’m very excited about :)



what pisses me off about women’s rights being debated is that

women’s rights are still being debated. 

#by men

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is there like financial aid for concert tickets

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